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How Arthur can help you?

Arthur is available for fire-shows, LED walkabout and multi-skilled entertainment for your event!

Great for club nights, festivals, fete's, corporate events and private parties. Adaptable to any parties theme, walkabout juggling entertainment really gives an event added spark and variety making it unforgettable!

Get in touch for qoutes!

LED Jugglers

Bold and eye-catching entertainment for any large event!
Get in touch to have these skilled & charismatic juggler perform in stunning LED. This extremely versatile act can move around your event turning the heads of your guests and creating a spectacle everywhere they go.
They're a fantastic fit for corporate functions, parades, light festivals and more!
Get in touch to get the LED Jugglers at your event here


Workshops can be great for functions, day events, festivals or as an added activity at a gathering.
We can provide your event with anything from specialised prop workshops e.g. Beginners Diabolo, Intr
o to juggling..

We can also offer all-round circus workshops with a variety of props and toys. This one's great for community events, kid's birthdays and as an activity at festivals. Props include such things as hoops, poi, devil-stick, diabolo, staff, plate-spinning, scarves and traditional juggling!

If you have any questions about tailoring workshops to your needs, get in touch!



Arthur is available for a variety of shows including 4-20 minute LED (see LED promo above), Fire shows and choreographed Juggling and Diabolo acts.

Having performed in Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Netherland, Portugal, Spain and all over the UK Arthur is comfortable adjusting to other climates in the name of showmanship!

Available for Gala's, Cabarets, stage shows, ect..
Get in touch for more info

Circus Tuition & 1 to 1s

Arthur is also available for a variety of tuition sessions and 1 to ones. One to one sessions are easily the fastest way to progress in any practice. Wether you're wanting to learn the basics fast or prepare yourself for a career in performance i'd recommend getting in touch and seeing whats on offer!
Browse the available lessons below.
*All sessions can be tailored to fit needs, get a qoute TODAY!

Poi, Staff, Diabolo, Hoop, Flower/Devilstick, Juggling

Poi, Staff, Diabolo, Hoop, Flower/Devilstick, Juggling


Conditioning towards performance:
Staff, Diabolo, Fower/Devilstick

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