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Watch Arthur in Action
LED Glow Entertainment

Glow entertainment is an excellent addition to any event.
Particularly well suited for stunning LED stage shows or corporate meet & greet.

Have your entertainment personalized by adding a personal message to Arthurs state of the Art equipment e.g. "Happy Birthday David" or adding your companies logo?

Get in touch now and see what services are can provide for you!

Circus entertainment- Workshops, shows & bubbles

Diabolo Stage show

LED Jugglers- Walkabout and meet & greet

Workshops are great additions to community fetes, food and music festivals, day events, charity fundraisers and school events.

With popular circus activities such as diabolo, devilstick, plate-spinning, hulahoop, juggling, pedal-goes and many more with the additional option of stilts and GIANT bubbles!

Fun is garunteed for all!

This award winning Diabolo Show is available for Galas, Cabarets, Dinner shows and many other types of functions.

Set to fast-paced swing music this high-energy diabolo act has Arthur trade-mark abundance of character and the skill-level of any polished and seasoned circus professional.

Available in non-lit and LED for extra illumination.

A highly enjoyable act thats a joy to watch and will keep your guests on the edge of their seats.


Want high impact visual entertainment at your event? These LED Jugglers are a great way to catch attention, turn heads and animate your venue. 

Available to be lit in many different colour schemes to suit the occasion, these interactive and highly skilled jugglers will leave your guests speechless!

Perfect for parades, markets, light switch-ons, corporate functions and festivals.


Greatest Showmen Juggler

Juggling Jesters

These astounding tricks and incredible variety will leave your guests speechless. Performing in true greatest showmen fashion with both classic and edgy new-era skills, Arthurs Juggling walkabout will leave event attendees unable to look away!

Get in touch now to have him at your event.

Amazing fun-loving charcters who'll go down a storm, particularly at any renaissance fair, regal banquet or medieval themed event. Get in touch now to book these incredible Juggling Jesters at your event now!

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